A Beautiful Older Woman

 I spoke about finding an old journal from one of my Paris trips
in my last post.  I was sitting on a lovely park bench reading
the notes I had taken about living a happier and anxious-free
life when an older woman with a walker came to sit beside me.

My head went into a mad self-conversation ...
"Oh, she looks interesting but I shouldn't bother her."
"Should I try to talk to her or just
mind my own business?"
Then I looked down at my journal and there were
those words about living a more carefree and
anxiety-free life.  I had my answer.

What a delight Pat was.
She is a ninety-four year young woman who lives
on her own in a cute little cottage with her studio
in the back.  She works at her art everyday
carving wood and stone and putting them on her website.  
I know her passion for her art keeps her young.
And Pat treats herself each day ..with 
a walk and a coffee and a sweet special treat.

Pat had a few life observations she shared with me:

* Forget about control.  
It's elusive.  Life does what it needs to do
and rarely asks for your opinion.  Give yourself a break and
let life show you the way.

*  Always give yourself a little treat each day.

*  Find something you love to do 
and  try to do it everyday. 
 It will keep you young.
Keep your creativity alive.

* As long as you can, interact with young people.
They will keep you current in the world and
remind you about the cycle of life.
Hold on to your neighborhood home
as long as you can.
Have a little garden to putter in..
even a few pots.

What a special treat it was
meeting this incredible beautiful woman.
I want to be just like her.

Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop
 After meeting Pat,
I went back to my studio with a lot more incentive
than I have had in a long time.
I found a tote and decided to paint a garden lady
and then I tried a new way of putting a quote 
on the back of the tote.

I forgot how much I enjoy being back in my studio.

I love this quote.
Such a positive way of looking at life.
You can see this tote here in my Etsy Shop.

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