When Bored .... Just Paint Some Furniture

What a gorgeous day. It's cool, no humidity and sunny. It's a great day to pull out all your garage sale finds and paint away the day. The decor in both my home and studio is white, so for a little color and fun, I love to paint old furniture. There always has to be a little pink in the color of paints I select because I love to photograph my hand painted pillows and crazy tables together. Most of my pillows have a splash of pink.

I got this little dressing table for free at a fair. It has been through many transitions since I've owned it. I've given it a shabby chic finish with flocked tulle but now, it is a little patterned creation just because I felt like it. It will change again I'm sure 
during the next boredom cycle.

This old dresser was on a curb waiting for the trash men. It just seemed ashamed to throw it away. I cut off the legs because they were in rough shape and just painted away one afternoon. I now use my painted dresser on my sun porch to hold my small garden tools and gloves and when people come for dinner, and we eat on the porch, I use it as a buffet to hold the salads.

I fell in love with the legs on this little table in a second hand shop. The table top is warped but no matter. When I use it as my desk in my studio, all the pencils and pens roll to the middle. 
 It makes it easy to find them.

After I finish painting and I'm satisfied with the results, I seal it with a couple of thin clear coats of urethane. Eazy peazy !!! Just make sure the wind is not blowing that day you add the urethane or the flying insects could add some texture to your creation as well.

I love painting little flowers with plaids, stripes and polka dots. The busier, the better. And when I want to try something new in painted furniture, I just sell these on my studio tours.

Find a funky piece of furniture on your next garage sale day and have some fun. You know my motto .... why should any inanimate object last longer than you do???? You can't make a mistake. Who cares??
Enjoy your weekend.

(all photos by Meg Mitchell)

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