Re-creating A Potentially Funky Chair

I found this ornate chair at a yard sale several years ago.
I call it my throne chair.
It had been spray painted in a glossy cream paint 
with no cushion on the back.  I believe the previous owner was
planning to recover the chair but may have lost heart.

I did the webbing on the chair's back to fill in the hole and will add foam 
on the front and back of the webbed areas
and then will recover the chair with some funky material.

How do I want this chair to look?
Should I repaint the wood and if so,
what color?  I think material with big bold flowers would
be fun but then it may be a great canvas for some
funky Priscilla Mae ladies...
I am just not sure.

I went through my Pinterest collection of
funky chairs for some inspiration.
Here are a few ideas that I might consider....
Pretty garden flowers...
Decoupage chair ....
Love this.
Hand painted on linen?
 A mixture of fun and colorful patterns....
 Pearly buttons sewn on the back of the chair...
 More great artful flowers ....

So many choices.
Chairs have always reminded me of beautiful ladies....
the curve of the legs and arms;  the delicacy of some
and the boldness of others;  some sleek with satiny fabrics
while others have warm and comforting velvets...

Hopefully by the end of the summer,
I will have chosen the perfect solution for this
funky chair.

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