Beautiful Art Journals To Capture Your Life

 Most every morning with my coffee in hand,
I sit in bed and write in my journal.  It's my ritual.
I feel better when I have put down my thoughts, my cares
and my concerns.  Getting them on paper helps me to
sort out my life.  What seems so confusing becomes somewhat
more clear when I have to put it in black and white.

I love the whole idea of journals.
To look inside the soul of the writer or the creator
is so, so appealing.
What could be more rewarding then taking your
thoughts and having the ability to illustrate them.
This lovely journal entry was created by Stephane and 
Annetta in their blog "A Year To Inspire."
Absolutely lovely.
Can you imagine being their children and finding
this beautiful piece of their Mothers' lives?
 Of a journal like this from Paul Art SG.
Capturing that special meal from your trip
whether from afar or local?

I tried doing this on my last trip to Paris.
It made me look at more details of my trip
as I was planning what I would capture on 
my watercolor paper. 
See some of my entries here.

 I love the art of collage and
Sweet Pea Ink has created a most lovely page here.

Using all the pretty papers you come upon on a 
daily basis but never pay attention too might
be a wonderful source of artistic inspirations
that most anyone could do.
Going to yard sales and finding old letters, post cards,
wrapping paper and books would be a good
place to start.
 Another wonderful collage.
This one by Cathy B.
It's the colors I love most about this beautiful
journal entry.  Her blog and workshops
might be a great place to start.

Music sheets, drug store prescription,
wrapping paper, a ledger sheet ...
beauty in everything and it probably tells a story.
 This is very cool.
With artistic etchings, words stand out
from an old book that tells the author's feelings.
How much fun would this be to do 
as well as read.
Visit Tonya Doughty here

You can see more of my favorite journals
in my Pinterest page here.
I am re-inspired.
Hope you were too.

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This is a small version of my
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I love little stuffed pillow dolls.
They are so much fun to make.
See Solange, my Paris lady, here.

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