Stylish Flowers Flowers Everywhere

 Every magazine and blog this Spring are highlighting
flowers in their home decor and fashion publications

This beautiful watercolor of Margaret Berg art is just glorious.
I would love to paint something like this on a wall in my home.
Wouldn't it be a wonderful sight to wake up to?
 Have always loved paintings of flowers in
faded pastels.  So, so shabby chic.
This photo is from Shabby Chic Girls blog.
 Marimekko is back this season in a big way.
It is the anniversary of their famous poppy design.
In a white room with little else in color or pattern,
a large swish of this print over a window would be so much fun.
 Love flower prints displayed next to each other.
Reminds me of a wonderful old quilt.
This photo is from The Linen Garden blog.
 Dolce and Gabbana have used flowers this
season in their beautiful painterly clothing.
Even the buttons are flowers.
 Blossoms on an old bike.
What a lovely ride this person must have enjoyed.
 There's something about delicate flowers in
a pretty rose print teacup...
how pretty would this be on your bedside table?
 How I wish I could paint like Kay Smith Brushworks.
So pretty.

This is a perfect post to honor all the wonderful
mothers on their very special day this Sunday.
Happy Mother's Day.

Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop
I cut out rose stickers and added them
to my painting of the lady in the pink turban.
I faded many of the blossoms to give
them a shabby chic look.
See this painting here.

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