Changing A Seating Area On A Lazy Afternoon

Last Friday was a slow boring day.
I had been toying with the idea of painting an accent wall 
in my kitchen's seating area.   So that early afternoon, 
I headed out to my local hardware store to pick up 
a quart of paint to amuse myself.

The color that I decided to try was a blue/grey shade
that seemed so French to me.  I had bought 6
panels of lace at IKEA the previous weekend
and I wanted to use them somewhere in the house.
I know you are supposed to have a plan but I knew in my heart,
I would find a great place to hang the curtains.
And,  I thought the lace would be so pretty with 
the summer sun coming from the terrace.
The wall was not large which made it a fun job
and a quick redo.... two hours from beginning to end
including the hanging of the lace panels.
I love lace curtains.  
And having the large umbrella outside on my
terrace keeps the sitting area nice and cool
and gives us lots of privacy.
I went down to the basement and brought up this large
yard sale painting.  It is a view of Nice's beautiful beach
and it is the exact view that I enjoyed with my son  
from our hotel when
we spent 3 weeks in this lovely Mediterranean city.

It is an oil painting about 5 feet long with a pretty
ornate white frame and it only cost me $25.00.
The painting made me feel like I was back in that
beautiful old hotel in Nice.
In the Fall of last year,
I added hot pink saris to warm up the kitchen for winter.
Last Spring, I removed the slipcover off the chair
to reveal my turquoise upholstery.  I slipcover most
of my chairs and sofas just so that I can have a
most needed change whenever I want.

Rugs go from room to room depending on
what colors I want to live with at that moment.
I love changing my spaces and colors around
in my house.  It makes my home feel new again.
My friends think I should put wheels on the legs
of all my furniture to facilitate a faster change.

Thinking about that....

The only thing that doesn't change in my home
is my pretty little cat, Jo.
She's 21 years old and she too came from a
yard sale so to speak.  She was the last of a litter
from a house along a country road.  We thought she
was a Joe, but after a trip to the vet, we had to
feminize her name.  Jo is the sweetest little
calico cat and I hope she lives forever.

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