A Martha Stewart DIY Fabric Pansy


We are all waiting for our flowers to come up
in our gardens but leave it to Martha Stewart to get a fun
jump on the season.
In her magazine, she has developed an easy "how-to"
for us to create pretty colorful pansies.

These beautiful fabric flowers would look stunning
in a vase but I would love to see them used in
home decor as a pretty addition to a
summery pillow.
as a fashion accessory at the waist of a
pretty floral skirt or even in your hair
if you are so inclined.

Yea Martha..
She's still a favorite icon.

Fabric-marking pen (air soluble)
Template Detail scissors
Sewing Supplies
Pin (or whatever you care to use to show the beauty off!)
You can also find this fabric flower tutorial here on Martha Stewart.

 How To:

1. Print template here. Cut out. Cut a 2-by-36-inch strip of fabric with detail scissors. (For a smaller version, cut a 1 1/2-by-30 inch strip.) Trace template on it with pen, repeating along the length. Cut out.

2. Sew a running stitch several inches along bottom, 1/4 inch from edge. Every 3 to 4 inches, pull thread together; secure with a double stitch.

3. Spiral strip tightly to create flower shape, securing with random stitches.  When it’s completely rolled, stitch through all layers to secure.

4. Cover stitched back with a small disc of fabric.  Sew to desired pin.
fabric flower tutorial

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