Bonjour Solange ... A Paris Woman

 This is the larger shaped pillow of Solange of Les Femmes de Paris 
and is truly an artful celebration of women. She is completely 
HAND PAINTED and has a pretty gold textured earring. 
She comes with a stand so she can you join you
 for a croissant at your breakfast table or sit on your desk 
as you write your next best seller. Solange is a soft sculpture 
 that is so different and lovely to look at and wonderful to 
collect with her other friends of Les Femmes de Paris.

Solange is approximately 7 " X 8" and is a unique little treasure 
to celebrate your love of Paris or anything French. She is 
wearing a textured gold earring to go with her soft black and pink 
vintage couture suit. The background of this lovely 
sculptured pillow is sage green in color. 
She's oh so Parisian.

See Solange here in my Etsy shop.

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