Style Maker ... Kathe Fraga's Artful Flowers

A week ago, I was perusing through Pinterest and
came across some paintings that swept me off my feet.
They were the perfect reflection of our long-awaited
Spring.  The artist is Kathe Fraga.
She creates beautiful whimsical art that is not only
on some of the finest walls but also in other 
accessories like pillows and cards.

The paintings in Kathe Fraga's French Wallpaper Series evoke
 the hand-painted, timeworn walls of a grand old Parisian mansion. 
Each piece resembles an aged decorative fresco panel adorned 
with birds and flowers, vines and leaves 
in a modern Chinoiserie style.
Kathe's art is displayed over the mantle in the Spring 2013
Better Homes and Garden Magazine.

In Kathe's words, her art is inspired by the beauty and romance of old: 
vintage silky kimonos, hand-worked embroidery, lacquered little boxes, 
blocked wallpaper and panels from years ago, distressed with age, 
revealing a soft loveliness still…you’ll see layered colors 
peeking out behind one another—pinks, blues, lavender—
speckles of gold, a wisp of glitter.
Kathe's new pillow collection is based on 17th and 18th century
chinoiserie and picks up her love of painted birds and flowers.
The pillows come in linen or silk.

This is a recent article on Kathe Fraga as a style maker
in Luxe Interios Magazine.

Stop by Kathe's blog and website to see
more of her beautiful work.

Thank goodness for Pinterest.
It is a wonderful place to be exposed to
 wonderful artists and their work.

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