Veronica ... The Midlife Madonna Tote

 Veronica is a Midlife Madonna if there ever was one! 
She's a woman of independent spirit who knows what
 she wants and she knows how to get it. She has finally 
reached that age when she knows what "it" is all about but maybe,
 it's not all that important. 
She is not out to please everybody ... 
just herself.
 It's about time, don't you think?

The Veronica Tote is completely hand painted and is 14" X 14" in size. 
 Veronica is wearing a sage vintage earring to give her a little style. 
At the top of the tote is a fake fur trim for a little winter fun. 
This pretty tote is an excellent way to carry your Prada shoes to work 
or your next party or maybe even as a library tote to carry 
all your book club selections. Veronica is wearing a 
spring green and royal blue suit with a feather 
and veil on her royal blue hat.
 She's so stylish.
The quote on the back of the tote is a favorite among my customers...

That's Veronica's style ... is that yours?

You can stop by and see Veronica
in my Etsy Shop here.

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