Dreaming In An Alcove Bed

I have always dreamed of having an alcove bed.  
It just seems like the most cozy way to spend the night.  
In my new bedroom, I may have the space 
to push my bed up against a narrow recessed wall 
and just see if I can't make my own alcove bed. 
Would a window in your little alcove be lovely?  
Falling asleep at night gazing at the stars and then 
waking up watching the fluttering of the birch leaves 
in the wind sounds like heaven.
Having all your books within an arms reach 
would be lovely too.
Would you add color to your alcove?  
Lovely shades of mauve and pink but would it be restful?
It's the trend color of Spring 2014.
My bed is a sleigh bed and the shape of it has always seemed cozy to me.  
And, when I push my bed into my little alcove area, I will have 
so much more space in the middle of my room.  Oh, that sounds 
so wonderful.  I can dance in the morning, do a few stretches 
or sit in my big comfy chair and look at the beautiful church next door.

This weekend will be a fairly quiet one for me and I'm going to 
push the furniture around my bedroom yet again and just see 
how I would like sleeping in an alcove.  Will I use curtains around 
the bed or will I define the space with color?  I'm not sure.  
Where will I put my lamp so that I can read at night before I sleep?  
How will I make the bed? 
What a fun weekend this is going to be!

Do you have an alcove bed?
Would you like one?

All pictures are from Apartment Therapy.

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