Making My New Year's List

 I am trying something a little bit different this new year.
Instead of making a list of all the things I want to accomplish in 2014,
I decided I would live more in the present and just take baby steps
and do a month at a time.  I don't want to be tied in to
anything.  I like the freedom of my life right now.
 I even gave myself a little leeway into February in case I don't get it all 
accomplished.   Some of the items on my list have to do with
things around the house that I want to change.  Some items are
about decluttering which is a huge challenge for me but I must
admit, it's one of the biggest highs when I see 
the space that opens up.  
And one of the fun items is thinking about my art
and creating a group of new ladies.  I started that on the weekend
and had the time of my life.  I decided I would try and create
a group of London Ladies and Vanessa was
the first to appear.
I always start with a sketch or a few.
My first thought was a lady who hid behind her hat.
Maybe a group of mystery women.
Then I thought ... she looks like she is in a raincoat ...
make her lady who lives in London.  So, I
added a quick sketch of buildings with the
red telephone booth to signify London. 
Instead of the usual earring that I put on my painted ladies,
I decided to add a pretty button on her coat.

In writing Vanessa's story, I think I want her to
be an aspiring writer who lives in Bloomsbury and works
part time at one of the lovely old bookshops off the square.
She looks like she has thrown on her raincoat and hat to
cover her unwashed hair so she can run down to the
coffee shop and grab a cup of jo.
 Of course, everyone of my painted pillows
has a quote on the back.

I loved this quote ... 
not sure who said it.
"Classy is when a woman has everything to flaunt,
but chooses not to show it."

That might not include many of the pop stars of today...

Vanessa will be in my Etsy Shop sometime
soon but I want to think a little more about my
London Ladies series.

Have you started your wish list for 2014?

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