A Kitchen Table Becomes My Coffee Table

One of the items on my list for January was moving
my favorite table to the living room.  It's a vintage kitchen table
that I bought many years at an antiques shop that was closing it's doors.
It wasn't the best specimen of vintage kitchen tables.
It was a horrible color of reddish brown.
But it had potential and had to have it.

When I got the table at home, I immediately painted it white,
added a glass knob and then cut off a chunk of wood on each of
the legs.  I wanted the table to be used as a coffee table where I
could have dinner in front of the television, spread my magazines
out when I am doing research and painting my pillows if I so desired.
And, it's the perfect height for resting my feet  
when I am reading.  
When I lived in my previous home in the country, the living room 
was twice as large but now that I am back in a city Victorian home, 
space is at a premium.  Because I couldn't visualize 
my kitchen table  in this smaller space, the table has been 
sitting in the basement and every time I went down there and saw it, 
my heart just broke.

So, this year I decided that this was the time to please myself ...
even if it went against the accepted.
I dragged the table up to my living room, moved the chairs
back and voila....
it doesn't look bad at all.
And it's not that large.
 I love it.
Why did I wait so long????
 My living room faces west which means that the
beautiful warm sun just pours in the window.
It's toasty during this frigid winter.
I am spending more time in my living room because
it's warm and I have a place to work.
The room is not just for guests or family holidays.
My kitchen coffee table has made it a home again.
 Why stop there I thought?
I moved my grandmother's hall table by the rear living room
 window so I can use it as a place to write in my journal.
 I moved my large antique mirror of my grandmother's
back to the dining room.  I wanted more reflective light.
Lots of fairy lights in this room because I removed the
overhead light.  I felt the pendant light limited my use of the
room and as you know, I love to move furniture around
to new places.  I have put a candlestick lamp on the table
which gives a warmer and more intimate feeling
around the dining table.

I am so glad I finally decided to get my favorite table
out of the basement and have all the things I love
around me all the time.  
I think this might be a good year.

Coco Chanel Pillow

I just put this new sized Coco
pillow in my Etsy shop.
I have been painting a lot at night 
while watching "The Good Wife"
on Netflix.  I missed it when it first
came out but thanks to Netflix, I
am a "Good Wife" marathoner.
See the new Coco Chanel here.

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