DIY .... Weekend Map Projects

 I love maps.
It was my son who got me interested in maps.  
It started with his Christmas presents ... looking for beautiful
old globes and vintage school maps to decorate his room.

I like maps for all the decor and crafting possibilities
and my most favorite map of all are the ones of 
 I love old maps cut up as tags.
 Or used to cover old boxes for storage.
 Or to use on a pretty French door.
 A map as an accent wall?
Wouldn't a map from a favorite trip on a feature wall be fun?
You could show the route of your travels.
An instant conversation starter at your next party...
 Cutting up pieces of maps could cover a lampshade
or even be a fun garland.
The beautiful Limoges Eiffel Tower is sitting
on a pretty box with a Paris metro map
glued and sealed on the top of the little box.

It is going to be very, very cold outside this weekend.
Have some fun creating your own map projects.

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