Visiting Paris With The Girls

It's been so hot and humid the last several days
and that is a perfect time for me to sit in my air-conditioned 
studio and paint away.  The weather in Paris has cooled
off beautifully, so I will just pretend I am in Paris.

This week, I made the larger versions
of Le French Kiss pillows with the three femmes
Angelique, Simon and Colette.

Like the smaller version, the painted ladies are sewn
onto French linen. You can find the ladies 
in my Etsy Shop.  
This is Simone 
with the sign of the best shopping street in Paris.
And Colette
with my favorite landmark of Paris.
Angelique is like all the
young people in Paris ...
she loves the Paris Metro.
On the back of the French linen pillow
is a linen pocket with a stamping of
the Eiffel Tower.  If you pull the pretty
little black and white ribbon, out will
come a tag with the name of the series,
the lady's name and her famous French quote.

I'm also back to making the very popular
felt eyeglass cases.  This is the
Angelique case and on the back of
the case is the quote ...
"I love Paris."

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