Bohemie Dreamy

 Can you start to feel a little chill in the air
at night?  The evenings in late summer start to
remind me that Fall is not so far away.
And when I think of Fall, I start to
plan how I am going to cozy up
my home.
Do you?
 This is a photo from the Moroccan Lantern Market.
I will take them all please.
 The velvet chairs and warm walls
make this room rosy and cozy.
 This looks like this stylish corner is
in an Air Stream.  The patina is lovely ...
tarnished silver, aged urn, the gold
vaulted ceiling and the nubby fabrics
would make me feel a lucky gypsy.
 The quilt on the wall .... lovely.
 I think I have posted this photo a number of times.
I love everything about this vignette.

Photo Credits:
1-thatboheniangirl; 2-bohemiannation; 3-dustjacketattic;
4-bohemianvalhalla; 5-romanysoup; 6-iheartsunnydays

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This is Farah, which means "joy" in Arabic.
She is from my Etsy Shop.

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