How Do You Spend "Me" Time?

I need "me time".  
For as long as I can remember, I have always needed time 
to myself to rejuvenate 
before I went back into the world.  Actually, I have never had 
difficulty spending time alone.  
If I have had a busy schedule spending time with lots 
of people then it becomes more imperative that
 I find a little time just for me.

My favorite day of the week to be with myself are Sundays.  
I love Sundays.  It's one of those days that just screams
"You don't have to do anything kind of a day," and usually, I don't.

So on those "me" days, I grab my favorite books, 
usually decor with lots of pictures, 
a glass of wine or tea depending on the time of 
the day and light lots of candles. 
 Candles to me are imperative.  
They set the tone for the moment ... 
they warm up the space and make the time 
feel a little bit sacred for me.
Some people head to their bathtub filled with warm scented 
water while others might  go to their super comfy bedroom 
to nestle under a quilt or two and read a great novel.  
I love my soft white sofa where I can stretch out or just 
curl up like a cat  to read all my books and magazines.
As you may know, I am a magazine junkie and I save 
them for a couple of years.  
Every time I thumb through a magazine, I see something 
new that I've missed.  
 I also keep a dream book where I paste favorite 
pictures of things I want to do, 
clothing I love, favorite home decor ideas and DIY projects.  
I also love reading  cook books and being inspired to 
try something new for my next meal.  
Some Sundays, I just curl up and watch some great 
"chick flicks" on the tube. 
And, sometimes I just nap. 

What do you do on your special "me times"?  
Do you love being outside taking a walk with yourself and a camera?  
Or, going to a great movie on your own? 
How about a lovely lunch on your own writing in your journal? 
Or a fun jog through a park?

Tell us.  
It may be just the inspiration we all need
 to honor ourselves with a little "Me Time."

Priscilla Mae et al

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