Are You A Wild Older Woman?

 I have been thinking a lot about aging these days.
Should I hide the tell tale signs or embrace my age
and just enjoy this part of my life?
The biggest hurdle is "to dye or not dye."
I went to my hair salon and had them give my hair
highlights so that the emerging gray hairs will come
in more naturally.  I was so nervous about taking this big
step but I am really liking it.  No more coloring
my hair ....  I was getting antsy about the chemicals
on my skin.  And come on ladies, lots of younger women
are dyeing their hair silver grey.  
Have you seen Kate Winslet?
This is Linda Rodin.
I think she might have been in my closet.
I'm lovin' that sofa.

This is Iris Apfel.  We see her everywhere,
especially on the blog Advanced Style.
Often Iris talks about how difficult is is for women between
the ages 65-80.  This group of women control a good deal
of money but so few options for shopping.  
"There is nothing to buy," she says.
Iris would like to open a shop in NYC called
"Sleeves" .... a great sense of humor too.

Here's Iris again.
She certainly has her own style.
I would agree with Miuccia Prada.
Women have always tamed themselves to fit in
but they do look best when they age if they
look a little bit wilder.  It shows life.

I want to be a wild older woman.
I do wear funkier clothing. 
I now get my hair done weekly ... I am sick of doing my hair.
I only wear flats ... lots of different colors.
Accessories are my go-to purchase .. they dress up everything.
And lately, I have been wearing a small backpack...
I am sick of purses and I carry my camera with me
all the time, as well as my journal.
I want my hands free and it reminds me to
be aware of my posture when I walk.
I can walk 100 miles of hour now.
Nothing holds me back.

Are you starting to be a little more comfortable 
in your "maturing" skin?
Become a wild older woman too.

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