Women And Their Pillows

 I think my favorite pillows I make are the little
shaped ones.  I love how they fit so nicely in my
hand when I am painting their little faces.

Manon has always been a fun "girl" to paint,
maybe because she is so French and I get to
pretend I'm back in Paris.  I just
finished this little pillow today.

I have a group of men working in the house
finishing off all those little items that can
sit for years waiting for you to finally drag
the paint can out and just do it or
hang a door or re-plaster all the holes in
my ceiling because I can't decide where
to hang my chandelier ....

Three men scratching their heads 
wondering what I am painting ...
little women pillows?
"What do you do with them?" they ask.
"How many pillows do women need?" their eyebrows raised.
"You should see my bed at home Mark ...
you have to clear off 20 pillows before
you go to bed."
Something about women and pillows.

These little gals are too small for a bed
but I love to put them on my desk or
on top of a stack of French books.

Manon is now in my Etsy shop
ready for a new home
unless ...
I decide to keep her.

A girl can't have too many pillows.

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