Girlfriend Gifts

The holidays are coming.  
The past year I took a bit of a break from the
studio and luckily since putting my "girls"
back up on Etsy, 
I have had a rash of buyers.
Inventory needs to be replenished.

Decided to try a different size of
Priscilla Mae pillows ...ones that can
hang on a Christmas tree, or sit in a wine glass
for a hostess gift at a girlfriend dinner
or a holiday gift for the girls
at the office.

This wine lover is Colette.
 This notorious dame is Celeste.
The petite hanging pillow is 3"  X  3" in size.
These little pieces of art can
hang anywhere in a girl's boudoir.
Meet the Parisian jeune fille...
For that fashion diva in your life ....

The "girls" can be found in my ETSY shop.
Let me know what you think of
these petite charmers.

Hope you like them.

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