Statuesque At The Victoria and Albert

 I have never been a big museum fan but that 
changed BIG TIME when I was in London. 
 I spent a chunk of my day at the
I am smitten.

My favorite area of the museum was
the Museum's Reproduction Department.
 Large spaces were dedicated to the reproduction of
famous statues and three dimensional art.  This David
is one of the projects these artisans were working on 
when I was there.  There was a gallery overlooking 
the work space and I sat fascinated for a long 
time watching the projects come to life.
 Even smaller pieces of work were absolutely exquisite.
This work was in a showcase.
I loved how the artist depicted the Last Supper.  
Such wonderful faces.
 And this one .....
 I think I was most attracted by the colors
that were used in the plaster.
This is the entrance to the Victoria and Albert.
A gorgeous building with a modern entrance.
Such a fresh approach to
exhibiting art.

Next post I will show you some other
beautiful reproduced works of art.

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