Color In An English Village

 I have just arrived home from spending three and a half weeks in England and France.  It is 2:30 A.M. and I can't sleep.  My body clock is completely whacked.  
I decided to go through some of the photos I
took while away and see if my old trusty memory 
would help me remember where I took them.

Tony and I started our trip by visiting his family in a lovely area about an hour north of London.  We were 
there to celebrate a niece's wedding and a 
lovely wedding it was!  So much fun
getting together with Tony's wonderful family.  
It was three days of delightful fun.

One day during that time, we had a couple of hours 
to ourselves so we took the opportunity to visit 
a cute little English village.  The
weather was a little overcast ... surprise, surprise, 
but I was able to catch some colorful sights as 
we strolled through the town.

Isn't this hat just so British?  Vintage stores 
and charity shops are just everywhere in England 
and if you have the time
to rummage through these meccas of delight,  
you will probably find some wonderful treasures.
 Old jewelry boxes, makeup jars, long opera gloves 
and a book of old fashion illustrations might just
be what your boudoir is calling out for.
 I'm a sucker for painted doors and 
window boxes no matter what the country.
 I have never been a big fan of old English cottages
like this one but after seeing this darling little
home, I might change my mind.  The only problem
are the size of doors of most of these homes... 
I have to duck my head to get into the door.
 This paper rose was in the window of a design
shop and I loved the reflection of the winding
street off the window.
Hail to the Queen.
I would have loved to have brought
this mannequin home with me but
the owner of the shop would not
part with her.  Wonder why???

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