A Shabby Chic Groupie

A Shabby Chic Groupie?  That's me.  
I have always been a big fan of Rachel Ashwell and her Shabby Chic empire.  
If I was in New York City or Santa Monica, I always found the time 
to visit her shop and just drool (figuratively) over the lovely merchandise.  
And of course, I have all her books .... everyone of them.

This is the newest of the her best selling books ... 
"Shabby Chic Inspirations and Beautiful Spaces."  
It was one of my favorite Christmas presents and I have already spent hours
 sitting on my Shabby Chic inspired sofa 
happily thumbing through this newest obsession.
One of my favorite chapters in Rachel's newest book is called "Timeworn Elegance."  
In this particular book, she features wonderful spaces 
of people she has met along the way.  This chapter features the lovely home 
of Sera Hersham Loftus who is a stylist and interior designer living in London. 
 Ms. Loftus could come do my home anytime.

I love the French dressing screens with the lilac drapes softly hanging behind them.  
And the lacy wood panels on the sunken tub and shutters in the 
window add such beautiful texture to the space.  
Look at the light fixture over the tub.
This is the luscious living room.  Of course, I love the sofa.  
I've always had a white sofa.  It was one of Rachel Ashwell's most brilliant 
design aspect of her Shabby Chic decor.  And Sera's use of ecru lace 
over the curtains was my favorite detail in this room.  
The beautiful petticoats and filmy dresses 
as artwork on the wall is another gorgeous touch.
Sera's bedroom.  
Cutting the legs off her bed is something I would never have 
thought of but it's brilliant.  You would still have the headboard.  
A bed looks cozier on the floor with all the Shabby Chic linens.  
Could I cut the legs off my sleigh bed?   
How easy would it be to hang curtains from the tensioned wires over the bed?  
Such great inspiration!
Love this room.  The floor, the great old dining table with the French chairs, 
the buckets of beautiful wild flowers ......
And the linen curtains hanging under the sink hiding all the dishes. 
 And what about the mirrors over the sink?  
Great touch.

I love winter.  It's the time I can sit with a cup of tea and just leaf
 through my favorite decor books and dream and plan and wonder 
how I can do something similar in my own home.  
And Rachel Ashwell is my go-to author for all my decor dreams.

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