Loving My New Flatiron Dining Table

I have been dreaming about dining tables for the past 9 months.  
Since I've moved into my new home with it's large eat-in kitchen, 
I have felt the calling for a long rectangle shape dining table. 
Two weeks ago I found one that I liked at a price that made it more attractive.
This flat iron table had gone on sale at Restoration Hardware and I beelined
 to our store in Toronto for the third time just to make sure 
that I was really in love with it.
The color of the table top is wonderfully warm brown and gray and I love 
how these colors enhance my old silver and bronze accessories. The flatiron legs
of the table give it substance without the heaviness or bulk.  
This table makes my heart skip a little beat.
I love the way the table top is so distressed ... so much texture.  
One of my friends warned me that a rough texture might catch someone's 
silk blouse but my dinners are pretty casual and I don't suspect anyone 
of my friends will be wearing silk to one of my dinners.  Besides, I say,
table cloths and placemats usually are part of the table decor.  
The best thing about this table are that the colors are exactly the colors of 
the church next door which is the reason I bought this house in the first place. 
 It's my way of bringing a little bit of Parisian living to my home in Toronto.

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