2011 ....What A Year!

Every year at this time, I spend time thinking 
about the new year but,  before I move on, 
I always revisit the old year to view all the 
events that occurred that year.  Reviewing the old year 
gave me the confidence to face this new year.  
Some years are good, some are not so good but 
most years are a combination of the two.
I sold my old country home after living there for 20 years.  
What memories I left behind.
It was the home where I raised my son and 
built my studio for Priscilla Mae et al.  
I renovated this home to fit that particular
time in my life but it was now time to move on.
Packing and downsizing my life after 20 years 
was very difficult.  The new home I bought was 
half the size of this old home, so I had to get rid of 
so much of my previous life.  

All of you who have made moves in your life know 
that packing is a nightmare.  I had two months 
to clear out most of my previous life and then 
pack up for my new adventure.
I moved into a old Victorian home in Toronto 
very close to downtown which was a must for me.  
If I was going to live in a city, 
than I wanted to live downtown.  
Renovations were going to be done on this new house 
but as all of you know who have lived through renos, 
nothing goes according to a schedule.    The company 
building my new kitchen went bankrupt. All stopped 
until I was able to find another kitchen manufacturer.
Raccoons were in the attic and because of these 
urban critters, part of my roof had to be rebuilt.  
Walls came down to open up the small spaces and
the plaster dust made it imperative that everything
stayed packed in boxes which were everywhere.  
I had exactly one room (a bedroom) to live in for 
6 weeks and I thought I was going to go mad.
But one day, I got my house back.  All the construction 
guys were gone and I could finally unpack all the 
boxes and make my new house a home. 
When I look back on that horrible three months, 
I accomplished a lot and completely changed 
my life from a country gal to city woman and
all with a torn knee ligament.
When late spring finally arrived in Toronto, 
I painted my fence and set up my
terrace where I could sit and enjoy the beautiful music coming from my neighborhood church.  
I spent the rest of the year reacquainting myself with 
Toronto and all the great things this wonderful city 
has to offer.  I reconnected with old friends
and met new ones.  My knee finally healed 
and I was able to walk anywhere
with my camera and enjoy my new life.
And most important, I now only live about 6 blocks 
away from my son and I'm able to see him more often.
And at end the year, I reconnected with an 
old love and together in
October, we traveled to Paris, Nice, Rome, 
Florence and Tuscany.

There were lots of major changes in my life this year and
although the transition was difficult and emotional at times,
the year turned out to be a very happy one indeed.

Now, I am ready to consider how I want 2012 to look.
I don't always have control over what 
my life will look like 
I can dream and I plan to start writing down
some of those dreams this week.  
I'm ready for 2012.

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