Living The Dream In Florence, Italy

One of our favorite cities on our trip to Italy in October was to Firenze or Florence.
What a beautiful city with it's gorgeous Tuscan light reflecting off the waters of the 
Arno and with the architecture that simply takes your breathe away.  
No wonder Florence is the city of art.
The highlight of our trip to Florence was meeting two fellow Canadians who are
now making this city their home.  Laura and Frank have lived in Florence for
a number of years and I don't think we will ever see them return to North America.
But who could blame them?

Both won coveted positions in a worldwide search for artistic talent to be a part
of an atelier where they could continue studying their disciplines.
Laura is a painter and her husband Frank is a sculptor.  They live in a most
lovely apartment on one of my favorite streets in Florence.  
What a thrill it was for me to see inside a home of someone who actually lives
in a city you visit.  It changes your whole perspective of that place. 
Very close to Frank and Laura's apartment is the Pont Vecchio and this woman
is a daily fixture on this famous bridge.  This is the photo I took of her when I was there.
Both Laura and Frank love to paint or sculpt the people of Florence.
This is Laura's painting of the lady on the bridge in her red Crocs .  It's hard to see in
this photograph but the colors of this painting are so rich and lovely.
This is one of my favorite paintings of Laura's.  The old priest walking along 
with his lovely black leather bag ... probably a Gucci.
Here is Frank working on his sculpture of the same figure.
One of Laura's paintings of a wonderful Tuscan man.....
And Frank's interpretation of that same man.

My best recommendation is to visit Laura and Frank's blog of their life in Florence.  
Now only will you see their gorgeous art but also the art being created. 
Their blog is also a wonderful glimpse into this beautiful city and the life 
they live there.  Hasn't that always been a dream of yours?  
To live in another country even for a short time would be heaven on earth.  
Frank and Laura are living their dream.

Where would you live in the world for even 6 months
 if you were given the opportunity?  

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