Oh My ... Delicious Pies

It has been two weeks since the beginning of the New Year and I have been working hard at eating healthier meals 
and taking walks as part of my resolution agenda. 

On one of my walks yesterday, I headed up Bathurst 
Street in Toronto and I knew I would be passing this cute 
little café on the way.  I was only going to have a quick peek  but then my resolve broke down when I saw 
all the goodies through the window.  

"I've been good" I told myself.  "How much kale and quinoa can you eat?'' I said aloud.   "Wouldn't a petite treat do my soul good?" I enquired.

So, in I went with my camera in hand to look more 
carefully at the array of pies at Madeleine's. 
You see, I have a small problem with pies.  
They are my absolute most favorite dessert in the world 
and here in this little shop was my personal Nirvana.
It was a cute little shop too.  Warm brick walls, 
a painted tin ceiling and antique furniture 
to showcase the plates of goodies all around.
Madeleine's was started over 8 years ago by Kyla who was trained in the culinary arts in France.  She made her 
first pie at 6 years old and never stopped making them.  
Now, the business is a family affair with her Mom 
creating the most delicious pie crusts in the world 
and her brother Dustin greeting their customers 
in the most warm and friendly manner.
There are not only delicious fruit pies, cream pies, 
meat pies, and quiches on the menu of Madeleine's.  
There are also macaroons, brownies, cupcakes and more 
plus  a lunch menu if you decide you want to have 
something a little more substantial before you work 
your way through the sweet part of it's offerings. 
I treated myself to a piece of Key Lime pie.  It's one 
of my favs and this pie wins hands down as one 
of the best examples of this Southern icon that 
I've ever eaten.  The lime zest in the custard not only 
made the pie lovely but was a subtle zing to the taste.  
And the pie crust with a touch of coconut in the 
pastry was delicious.  No whipped cream on top 
like you see throughout the South 
to mask the goodness.  It was just me and the pie.
I left a few crumbs.  My Mom always said that a young 
lady should leave a little something on her plate.
I ain't no young lady but I do listen to my Mom. 

I decided that another of my New Year's resolutions 
is to treat myself to something special once a week.  
Next week I am going to have the sour cherry pie, and the week after that, I will have the bourbon chocolate pie 
and after that, the coconut cream pie and after that......

If you are in Toronto, drop by Madeleine's, 
say hello to Dustin and 
treat yourself to heaven in a pie crust.  
You deserve it.

1087 Bathurst Street
Toronto, ON

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