Unique Ways of "Hanging" Around

Nate Berkus talks about personalizing our living space and having our homes reflect who we are and what we love.  The concept of taking our lovely treasures and memories out of drawers or in boxes and  displaying them really appeals to me.
This group of DIY ideas are simple ways of 
"hanging" the things you love.

Finding old silver plate trays that you can hang on a kitchen wall make wonderful magnetic boards to highlight your 
kid's artwork or even those wonderful postcards 
from your trip this summer to Paris and Rome.
Or ... 
bullnose clips hung on a wall for mail, important documents or tear sheets from your favorite home decor magazines.  
It's a great way to organize a home office as well. 
I love this idea.  How about putting a frame around a magnetic board to hang up all your make up containers?  They certainly would be colorful and such a easy way to find exactly what eye shadow you want to use.
This is an all time favorite ... hanging your jewelry on a painted cork board that is encased in a beautiful shabby chic ornate frame.  I pin my brooches on a judie like the one to the left of the picture.  
Very girly.
Another really great idea.  Hanging your purses on a rod in your closet by using shower curtain hooks ........                    Some of the best ideas are the most simple. 

Do you have any  great ideas you use around 
your home that you might share with us? 
We would love to hear them?  

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