One Week Until Paris

My trip is just around the corner.  The time has just flown by.  Is it because I'm older and my life is passing me by so much faster these days?  I'm just so glad that I will be heading back to my most favorite city in the world and having my roast chicken, frites, café au lait, freshly baked baquettes, and chocolate éclairs.  Oh my goodness ... be still my heart.  But, 
of course, if I continue to eat like this in Paris, 
my heart will be still!!???

We will spend 4 days in Paris, then off to Nice and Grasse and from there to Rome for a week. After pretending I'm Julia Roberts in "Eat, Pray, Love", we will take the train to Tuscany, Venice, Verona and then back to Paris for a final 3 days 
before flying back to Toronto. 

 This has been a dream of a lifetime.  I can't believe it will be happening so soon.  I will be taking lots of photos and 
posting them on my blog.  
All of you will be with me.

photo by Meg Mitchell

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