DIY Anthropologie Style

There is nothing I enjoy doing more than stopping by 
my local Anthropologie store to see what's new retail wise 
but also to enjoy their unique ways of designing 
lovely vignettes to sell their products.
What a treat for the eye and fuel for the imagination!
Love the way they overlap the pictures on their art wall 
and the grass green paint is certainly a bold splash of color.
Or how they color block with books in 
their glass door hutch.
How about the idea of using grates for a creative 
chandelier?  I love how the light pours out of the holes but 
I might have painted my grates a creamy white to go 
with my own home decor.
Ethnic prints and colors are everywhere but they look 
lovely on this vintage metal chair.
See the pillar of flowers in front of their window?
The pillar is simply circles of white papers with a tiny hole in the middle and a small knot to hold them in place on a long string.  The effect is lovely and it might be a fun project for that long Canadian winter that is sitting on my doorstep.
Or they could be done in colors like the store did in 
another window.  Looks like a scene from the 
bottom of the sea.  
What really makes them beautiful is when 
a little breeze makes them dance.

Julia Cameron in "The Artists Way" always suggests that you take yourself out for an artist's date every week where you can be inspired by design, color and outstanding ideas.  It can be in an art gallery, a store, a walk in the woods or do as I do ... 
a trip to Anthropologie.

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