My DIY Kitchen Center Island

My kitchen is starting to come together.  It's one of my potential favorite rooms in my new home.  I have lived in this house for just over 6 months and it's taken me that long to figure out how I want to live in this home and what it should look like.   I am still doing little projects that will bring me closer to that goal 
and this is one of them.

This is my old table that I turned into a kitchen island.
This old primitive pine table is one I used in my studio in my old home.  It was my display table and where I wrapped up my pillow ladies to send them 
around the world to my customers.  

My new home is half the square footage of my old home and although I sold lots of furniture, I still had some favorite pieces that I kept but had to find new ways to use them, and hopefully, save me some money in the process.  
So, to make the table higher, I added castors to the legs and an old pine shelf under the table to hold my stash of wine or vegetables and fruit.  One key element to remember which I didn't .... be sure to lock the wheels.  Men love leaning 
against tables for some reason and one friend and the 
"island" rolled across the kitchen floor.
I added a towel bar to the side of the table to hold a tea towel or two.  My kitchen is neater because of this addition.
I love this table being my center island.  It gives some warmth to my mostly modern kitchen and was an element from a very happy past in my old home.  I am happy that I was able to combine a little bit of country in my new city home.

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