Bedlam At The Toronto Film Festival

The Toronto International Film Festival has come again to Toronto for it's annual celebration of films and all those people involved in making the movies we love to see.  Everywhere in town,  there are 
images of everything related to films.

In the Holt Renfrew window is a mannequin celebrating Madonna in her most famous role.
With my friend Bonita, we waited for Bono outside of the Hazelton Hotel.  He is well known for stopping and interacting with his fans and this time was no exception.  Luckily we were able to find a bench to stand on to catch this shot of Bono as he was leaving for a film event.
But at the same time as Bono was leaving, Helen Mirren walked into the lobby of the hotel.  Do you see the woman in the white dress with the red sweater?  That's her.
The streets are filled with lots of activity.  Yoga classes 
are in the park along the busy streets.
Major companies giving free samples of their products.  We had Coca Cola, Vodka drinks,
chocolate coffee beans from McDonalds and candies from Lindt.  One could gather a few extra pounds just walking down the street.  I bet you don't see the celebs 
tasting these wares.
The weather is absolutely beautiful and so are all the people noshing in the famous restaurants with outdoor terraces.  It's great fun just sitting and watching all the jet set people who have come to Toronto for the festival.  
Unbelievable fashions.
And everywhere you go ..... crowds.  Crowds waiting for George, Angelina and Brad.  They are all here.  The Hollywood Who's Who have come to Toronto for the 
next 10 days to celebrate the movies.  
What a fun time to be living in Toronto.

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