Strolling Aimlessly Around Paris

 I finally found the word that best describes my 
relationship with Paris.
When I tell my friends I am heading off to Paris once again,
they ask me, "What do you do when you go to Paris each year?"

This is exactly what I do ... 
I am an aimless wanderer.
Wall Street Journal
A good portion of the time, I must admit, is spent sitting in
various outside cafés drinking wine and watching the 
Parisian world pass by.  It is the most relaxing (I am on vacation)
and entertaining activity when in Paris.  Every arrondissement
produces it's own particular show.
 I love to read a latest book while sitting in a cafe but most of all,
I enjoy writing my thoughts and observations
in my journal.  The quiet time gives me
a chance to dream again.
  I took this photo a couple of years ago
while sitting near Pont Alma having breakfast.
Be still my heart...
This was at 8:30 in the morning!!!!!
What is wrong with North American men?
Now we know why they call Paris
the "City of Love."
 This is a famous photograph of Marguerite Duras
taken by Robert Doisneau.
See the happy expression on her face?
See the empty carafe of wine in front of her?
This will be me.

This handsome young chef is Pierre Jaucon and like many
brilliant young chefs in Paris these days, he has chosen to
open his own small casual restaurant to
showcase his culinary skill.  They have bypassed
acquiring the Michelin stars to having the freedom
to cook as they please without all the pressure.

Pierre's restaurant is Vivant which is located in the 10th 
arrondissement on 43 rue des Petites Ecuries.
It is a walk-in wine bar where you can sample foods like charcuterie
and daily specials such as rabbit and andouillette and
natural wines.
 I just love to wander down all the small streets anywhere in
Paris.  The colors and textures along with all the delicious
windows in the shops are eye candy.  And because I am going to
Paris this time on my own, it will force me to practice and use my
French for two weeks. 
 This is what wandering off the main tourist route
will get you.  There are artful surprises around
every corner.  And this arty display is oh so French,
n'est-ce pas?
priscilla mae et al

I love visiting all the little neighborhood parks in Paris.
I remember taking this photo last year of a group of men waiting their turn
at playing boules.  Boules is serious business for retired men
in the middle of a slow afternoon.

Just find a bench somewhere in any park or a
seat in any outside cafe and enjoy the flavor
of this beautiful city.  It's the people.  
Forget about the tourist attractions ... 
you just see other tourists.  

My best advice for seeing Paris is...
Slowdown, Stroll and Sit.

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