My Loft Apartment In Paris

 I am so excited.
I am heading back to Paris in May for my birthday.
But, this time is especially exciting for me.

Sometimes, the planets line up just right and all
the wishes you dreamed of, line right up with them.
I stayed in this Paris Perfect apartment over 4 years ago
for one night and fell absolutely head over heels in love with it.
Every time I have gone to Paris in the past four years, 
I always check to see if this apartment is available 
and it never is.

But this time it will be mine for two weeks!
The last time I stayed here, I was traveling on my own
and this time, I will be doing the same.
Maybe that's the secret....

This 7th floor apartment was an artist's studio in
the 7th arrondissement.  It's small, cozy and beautifully
appointed.  It has a teeny bathroom but a lovely sized
kitchen and the high ceiling living room has a fireplace.
But... the piece de resistance is....
 the loft bedroom.

There is a ladder with handles that you must crawl up
to reach this wonderful cozy sleeping nook.
Because the apartment has a huge two story window,
when you climb into bed at night and turn out the lights,
Paris is lit up in front of you.  The apartment overlooks
the roofs of the 7th and in the distance, you also see the
Arc de Triomphe set in lights.  
It's breathtaking.

At night, I turn on the radio just over my head
and listen to sweet French music that lulls me to sleep.
I just pray that I don't need to use the washroom in the
middle of the night.
But if nothing, it will be an adventure.
For two weeks on my own,
I am going to grab my camera, my writing book and my most
comfortable but stylish shoes (I am in Paris after all)
and just meander around this gorgeous city.
There will be no schedules except to find glorious places
to eat each day where I can sit for hours and 
watch the world pass by.  

Paris has to be appreciated moment by moment.
On this trip, I want to slow down and be open to all
the gorgeous details of this beautiful city and
then at night, I get to go back to my Paris apartment.
Oh....Happy Birthday to me.

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