More Funky Lady Gift Tags....Yippee!

Crystal lived in Manhattan during the 1930's and was a shop girl 
in the perfume department of Saks. She was considered a 
"working girl" in those days and was looking for a man that 
could give her the good things in life. She wanted a 
beautiful home, gorgeous clothes and a handsome successful man. 
And oh, Crystal could attract the men. Some people called 
her a "man trap" as she had mastered the art of batting her 
eyes and being just a wee bit helpless.

To meet Crystal and see her tag, go here.

Veronica is a Midlife Madonna if there ever was one and 
definitely an artful celebration of women. She's a woman of 
independent spirit who knows what she wants and she knows 
how to get it. She has finally reached that age when she knows 
what "it" is all about but maybe, it's not all that important. She is 
not out to please everybody ...
 just herself. It's about time, don't you think?

On the back of the Veronica tag, is a fun
and appropriate quote.  See it here.
Solange is the mature femme as she is a "woman of a certain age." 
She has been married for many years and now that the children 
have struck out on their own, Solange has more time for herself. 
Too many times in the past, Solange put herself last but 
not anymore. This is her time and her new confidence affects 
her long relationship with her husband. She feels more equal 
and a true partner in the marriage. She sometimes wonders 
why she waited so long to make these changes. 
Ah.... c'est la vie.

This Paris woman tag can be seen here.
What a mysterious lady she is. We see her every morning at 
the little cafe having her espresso and croissant. But we 
can't see her eyes. They are hidden by her hat. 
And every morning we ask ourselves, 
"Who is she?"

If you are curious as well about the mysterious lady,
stop by my Etsy shop to see her here.

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