Priscilla Mae Gift Tags

If you are long time readers of my Priscilla Mae blog,
you are familiar with my love of The Artist's Way and
Julia Cameron's encouragement of using "the morning pages"
and "artist's date" to enhance your creative streak.

For the last four months, I have been a faithful writer of "morning
pages" when I wake up.  It's a ritual now and I look forward to
the process each day.

It begins with a run downstairs to get my coffee and then
back upstairs to jump in my warm bed, grab my notebook and
pen and I am then ready to let the words flow.  It has been
a great way for me to start the day.

Now the "artist's date" have been a little more difficult
for me to carry out.  Once a week is all Julia requests but with
this very cold winter, I have been reluctant to step outside 
my warm home.... but last week, I made my way down to
the Art Gallery of Ontario and it was an eyeful feast of delight.

While grazing through the gift shop, I noticed post cards
of portraits and one thing led to another and when I went up to
the atrium to have a cup of coffee, I had my sketch pad with me.
Ideas were thawing out of my frozen brain.
Why not Priscilla Mae ladies' heads cut out as gift tags?
So I rushed home, grabbed some watercolor paper, pencil
and my paints and started to create some tags for some of the
favorite Priscilla Mae women.

Anais, based on Anais Nin, the famous French author, was
my first "victim."  On the back of the tag is a quote that
might be appropriate for this particular woman.  
See Anais here in my Etsy shop.
This is Lily from the Garden Girls series and
this redhead was one of my first ladies I created
over 10 years ago.  She's still a favorite.
Her quote is garden related and would be a lovely 
gift tag for an Easter or Mother's Day gift.
See Lily here.
The Grand Dame of all the ladies is Coco.
So many of my customers adore this woman and with
Karl Lagerfeld highlighting Feminism this year, he
has the best example of one of the most successful
women business and fashion leaders....
Coco Chanel.

Each gift tag comes with an envelope so
that you can also send these ladies as a greeting card.
See Coco here.
Now, I didn't save Manon for last because she is my
favorite but I do have a soft spot for this little Parisian lady.
Manon is from the series "Les Femmes de Paris" and I
love her little Parisian quote on the back of this gift tag.
The tag hangs from a red satin ribbon with gold fleur de lis.
So French, n'est-ce pas?

I wanted my customers to have the option of decorating
a wayward knob with a little touch of art.
See Manon here.

More gift tags will be coming
and also some bookmarks.
Stop by my Etsy shop and see what's new.

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