The Stitchery World Of Cathy Cullis

Every morning when I wake up, I run downstairs and grab a big 
cup of coffee and then head back to my warm bed with 
my iPad to peruse Pinterest.
My latest love on Pinterest are all the wonderful embroidery artisans
who share their beautiful pieces with all of us.
What a wonderful way to make a piece of art.
On the weekend, I found an incredible artist I wasn't familiar with ...
Cathy Cullis
I love her embroidery work ... so intricate and beautiful. 

Cathy lives in London, England where she creates
her own small world of her imagination.
The blog of Studiobierhorst interviewed Cathy and
you can read the interview here

Have a look at a few of Cathy's stitchery ladies.
And then go visit Cathy's blog here.

Hope you enjoyed a small look at this very talented artisan.
It's the beauty of Pinterest ....
getting to meet some very interesting and 
talented people that are incredibly inspiring.
Thank you Cathy Cullis.

Cathy Cullis blog here.

Cathy Cullis Etsy shop here.

Visit my Stitchery Board on Pinterest.

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