Christmas Table Scapes

Last week, I had some friends over for a holiday dinner.
With all the running around one does in preparation for 
a dinner party, I always forget to take pictures of how 
I have decorated my home for the occasion.  

I love decorating the house for the holiday.  It is always
very simple ... lots of candles and fairy lights hung over
mirrors, or strung down the middle of my dining room table
among lots of pillar candles that gives all the guests a
warm soft glow.
 I acquired a beautiful ornate plaster fireplace from the Shaw
Theatre sets which I just adore.  You can't have a real fire in
the fireplace, so I put lots of little fairy lights and some sparkly
ornaments to give that part of the dining room a glow.
 From Pinterest, I found some other interesting Christmas
table scape ideas.  To me, nothing is more beautiful than
using natural fabrics like linen, or burlap  and then bringing
some fragrant greenery from the outside like pine or even
rosemary sprigs.
 Or using tree stumps in the middle of the table to place your
candles, etc.  They only thing to consider is not blocking the
natural conversation of your guests across the table.
 This is a Scandinavian table.
So white and beautifully simple.
 I also love the simplicity of this table scape.
These lights are a simple decorating touch.
Add water to Elmer's Glue and brush inside a jar.
Put glitter inside the jar and spin the jar around so
that the glitter coats the walls of the jar.
Add a tea light after the glitter dries

Photo credits:
1&2 - Priscilla Mae,,,,

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