List Of Relaxing Activities To Do Over The Holiday

Time for a couple of weeks of doing absolutely nothing.
Adding to the above list of "will do's", here are a few
more activities I will be dabbling in:

*binge TV watching of movies and mini series' like "Homeland",

*hitting the theatre to catching up on all the latest movies,

*checking out a few sales after Boxing Day crowds have subsided,

*eating lots of delicious pasta dishes,

*doing my annual jigsaw puzzle ... so relaxing,

*making my list of things I want to accomplish in 2014,

*spending some lovely quality time with my family and friends,

*going for long walks and enjoying the winter in Toronto,

*being grateful for a wonderful past year and counting my blessings.

Many thanks to all of you for stopping by my blog
this year.  That is so important to me.

Have a wonderful holiday, a Merry Christmas
and a joyous New Year.

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