Holly Jolly DIY Christmas Trees

It's the most wonderful time of the year ...
Time to pick out your Christmas tree
even make one ....
Instead of re-shelving your books,
make a fun tree..
Don't let the librarian know you have done this!
This little branch would look funky
on a corner table with some fun ornaments.
These little gems are probably my favorite ..
large or small.
Cute hanging in a group, or
on your tree or
on your front door.
Aren't these cute?
Again, another great idea for scraps
of fabric and vintage buttons hanging
around your studio or sewing basket.
Add a little twig and voila!
Would be lovely on a Christmas gift.
Some trees you could even eat.
Or fringe some pretty wrapping paper 
and hang around your home.
Apparently this ombre tree is from
The White House.
I put this photo up in my blog every year
because I think it is brilliant.
Use tomato cages and place into
a large planter.  If you can find
some grape vines, wrap them
around the cage and add lights.
That easy!
These would look lovely outside your front door.

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Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop

This is another Romantic Rose Pillow.
They seem to sell to quickly.
A fun quote is on the back of the pillow.
Might be a great present for that
fun friend of yours.
See Rose here.

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