Weekend DIY Ideas From Pinterest

 How many of you are addicted to Pinterest?
I am and one of my favorite categories
in all my boards is Home Decor DIY.

These are silver sprayed baskets from
Martha Stewart.  So cool and
especially now for the holiday season.
 Not sure of the source on Pinterest
but this idea was a very popular one for
all the Pinterest addicts.

How easy is this?  Using a Sharpie
to write a message, or poem or whatever
you want on a natural fabric shade.
 And from Core77 comes a very creative idea
if you need some storage but don't have the
floor space.  This creative DIYer hung
folding chairs on the wall and when the 
chairs are open ... instant shelves and
hanging space.  Brilliant.
 I like this DIY project just because the 
finishes are so pretty.  I love that the
contributor, Furniture Finishes, used grey paint
on the ornate parts of this dresser.
And finally from Rose Murray, 
using a Dollar Store outdoor black rubber mat,
the person spray painted Heirloom White color
from Home Depot on the mat and then
sanded it to give it a rustic effect.
This would give a corner of a room
such wonderful texture.

So have fun this weekend trying some DIY projects
or sign up for Pinterest and enjoy all the beautiful
eye candy.

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