Easy Hors D'oeuvres For Party Season

 When I invite people over for drinks or dinner, I start to
hyperventilate about what to serve that is EASY and
interesting.  Lately, one of my best go-to places
for great recipes is Pinterest.

I prepared this easy dish, Antipasti Kabobs, for a recent 
book club party and my friends seemed to really like it.
Get those bamboo skewers out of the drawer and start
loading them up with all kinds of goodies.
The recipe for this fun treat is
 Or how about roasted grapes with thyme,
fresh Ricotta slathered all over
grilled bread?  One lady also
suggested great olives instead
of the roasted grapes.
This looks easy.
Put won ton wrappers in muffin tins.
Fill with taco seasoned ground beef,
and cheese.  
Bake for 8 minutes
in a 350 degree oven.
Then, top with your
favorite taco toppings.
Your guests may need a small plate for this one.

I can vouch for the first recipe .... 
and the skewers looks so festive on a white plate.
Men love these Kebabs.  Would be 
good for Super Bowl parties as well.


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