Loving The Art of Troy Brooks

 Several months ago, I wandered down to Leslieville in Toronto
and stumbled across a great small art gallery called Pentimento.
The thing that makes this my new favorite gallery in
Toronto is the owner and his selection of artists
he represents.  And my new favorite and
extraordinary artist is Troy Brooks.
 Troy worked as a musician for nearly 10 years after college graduation.  
He was introduced to art by his artistic mother and in his early
30's, he went back to doing self portraits trying
different art styles.  Troy stopped in 2009 totally
frustrated but came back to the art again in 2010
by creating oddly eccentric women and
favorite female archetypes.

"He formulated his own characters and put
them in the middle of their own small
silent film."  

From my perspective, his women are
truly magical and his art style is exceptional.
 The Pentimento Gallery has been encouraging Troy to
also try his hand at watercolors.  What a talent this man is!
If you live in Toronto, please go down to the Pentimento Gallery
to see Troy's latest show, "The Fates and the Furies."  As usual,
his art sells out completely but it is worth the visit
before his ladies go to their new homes.

If Toronto is not your home,
visit the Pentimento Gallery online

His women will make you smile.

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