Dining Rooms, Dining Rooms, Dining Rooms

 With American Thanksgiving just around the corner,
the one room in the house that usually gets second billing
behind the kitchen is the dining room.  I see
the dining like a stage that presents the food
and the gathering place for family and friends.

As you may know, I move the furniture around my house
continuously.  I recently moved the dining room back
into the dining room space from my large
eat in kitchen.  I love it so much better
because it is so cozy.  I get to enjoy my vintage
plaster fireplace to warm up the space.
Fairy lights do the trick for me.   I even put fairy lights
on the table to make it more festive.

I removed the chandelier light because I prefer
lamps on the table or fairy lights and
definitely candles.  I have always thought that
the downward light from overhead lighting is
unflattering to "women of a certain age."
Here are some of my favorite dining rooms
from my Pinterest board.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving my American friends
and family.  And enjoy eating that wonderful
meal in your beautiful dining rooms.

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