Boxes, bubble wrap, packing ... oh my.  With only two weeks left before my move, I have reached my limit.  I am sooooooo sick of packing up my home.  Boxes are everywhere in every room of my once pretty little house.  The walls are bare, the closets are empty and there is always a scrap of tape somewhere stuck to my body.  There's no where to go to get away from all the disorganization.  Can't go for a little walk around the neighborhood.  It's so darn cold and 
the snow and ice are everywhere.  
Take me away from here!!!!
 Oh, to be in Paris in the Spring.  To sit outside of Le Deux Magots in the warm sun enjoying a café or a glass of wine would be so wonderful right now.  Watching the stylish Parisian women stroll by in their 
spring finery would be so entertaining.  
Transport me there please.
 To sit along the Canal St. Martin and watching the barges move slowly up and down the canal sounds so peaceful. 
 No boxes there. 
 Sitting on a park bench in the Champs de Mars 
among all the beautiful flowered bushes and 
gazing at the Eiffel Tower would be heaven.  
No bubblewrap there.
Going to the marché and gazing upon the vast expanse of spring flowers just to see color instead of white snow, or even worse, dirty white snow would be the greatest gift right now.  

Do I give up a new awning on my new home so that I could use that money to just sneak back to Paris for a break?  Right now, the answer is a huge YES.  But maybe, just maybe, when I finally move into my new home I will feel differently. 
 A whole new beginning!  How exciting!

Oh no,  I will then have to unpack.  
More boxes, bubble wrap and unpacking .... oh my.


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