First A Tear, Then A Laugh

 I have 3 more weeks until my big move to the city.  Clearing out 20 years of my life has been quite an ordeal.  Today I went through all the photographs that were taken during that time.  They showed the home I fell in love with and made my own for the past 2 decades and they showed wonderful family times spent under her roof.

I had forgotten how much everything in my life has changed.  It seemed so gradual but now looking back, what huge differences  there are now in all aspects of my life.  My physical self has changed, my son grew up from a fun little boy to a handsome caring young man and 
certain people in my life are no longer there.  
Life moves on whether we are ready for it or not.
But my lovely home kept us all warm and safe 
and we all felt great love within her walls.

I found these pictures and I had forgotten all about this day.  As you can see from the picture above, Halloween costumes were not my strength.  Somehow I talked my son into being a ghost ... a white sheet ... how difficult could that be?
And the ghostly makeup ... need I say more? 
 "Show me a ghost face", I remember prompting him. 
"Show me the face that would scare someone."

Thank goodness I found these pictures.  After taking my tearful sentimental journey this afternoon, 
it was really, really good to end the day with a laugh.  

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