Lattice In My Garden, A Lovely Memory

This is another of my favorite past posts and pictures of the home I am leaving in two days.  I loved the gardens of my home in the Spring.  I won't enjoy them this year but I am so glad that I have both the pictures and the lovely memories.

Fifteen years ago, I started a dream book where I would put pictures from magazines of home decor ideas that I loved, places I wanted to go, hair styles I thought might look good, or just any picture that touched my heart. The only prerequisite of putting a picture into my book was that when I saw a photograph while leafing through a magazine, 
it had to take my breathe away.

This is one of the photographs from my book that made me put my hand to my heart. It was the lattice. I loved the way the sun seeped through the slats. It made the space so romantic .... so Savannah, Georgia.

I decided that when I decorated my garden and outside area, I would use lattice. Instead of putting wooden fences between neighbors, I decided to put panels of lattice. I wanted the greenery on both sides to shine through and I wanted to be able to talk to my neighbor.

I built an arbor for wisteria which is so beautiful right now and I wanted to be 
able to walk to the backyard through panels of lace-like lattice.
I love looking at the flowers through the white slats.
This is a little garden room I built two years ago and on either side of the space
 are panels of lattice for flowered vines to creep up. I put a mirror on the wall to 
reflect the images of my backyard. I found rusted French cafe furniture that 
I had to have and an old iron candelabra to hang over the space.
 They too were "dreams" in my book.
This picture is taken from my deck looking over the garden. Even the railings 
are old lattice that I'm not sure they make anymore. And as I was taking 
this picture, I noticed that the table is lattice inspired as well.
I think I may have gone over the deep end with this passion for lattice but I do 
love how the sun shines through it and the texture does remind me 
of lace in the garden.

What I don't like is ...... painting it!

Do you have a design passion that permeates 
throughout your home?

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