I have been remiss in writing posts for my blog but I'm totally exhausted.  I now have just one week left before 
my move to Toronto next Friday.  
Will I make it?

My present life has changed so much with this move.  At night, I watch television surrounded by boxes and bubble wrap.  On the weekend, the people who bought my sofa will take it to their home, so I will "couchless."  
I'm trying to use all the food left in the frig so my meals are strange at best.  Thank God for pasta.  
Everything can be put on top of a hot plate of spaghetti.
My clothes have become a uniform ... 
I'm wearing the same outfit each day with washings at night.  Oh this is so much fun!!!!

Lately, I have been getting rid of more things.  I thought I had completed that part of the move but now, when I can't figure out how to pack something, I just give it to Goodwill.  Trying to fill a box with different shaped items is like doing a puzzle.  You have to fill in all the gaps with things that you gather while running from room to room looking for orphan items to pack.  And if I can't find something to fit in, I decide that it's just too much trouble and give it away.  I'm sick of packing.  I sick of things.  I sick of stepping on bubble wrap and thinking someone is gunning me down.

I closed on my new house this week.  When I walked through it for the final inspection, it was so strange to see it empty.  It looked smaller.  That doesn't make sense that furniture makes a place seem larger.  Am I imagining this?  
Or have I just forgotten what I bought?  

Thanks to all of you for your well wishes and please be patient if you don't see another post until I finish this move.  
I'll have lots to show you when I get to Toronto.

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