There's A Spot On My Leopard

Nina Garcia, fashion director of Marie Claire magazine, has published a book called "The One Hundred" which is the guide to the pieces every stylish woman must own. Ms. Garcia has said that in order to be truly fashionable and never dull,
you must be willing to run with the leopards .... prints that is.


there are a few fashion rules.

1. Be a little bold but know there is a fine line between chic and tacky.

2. Wear only one piece of leopard at a time.

3. Spend a little more $ on the item so it doesn't look cheap.
On a good animal print, the colors are muted.

4. Pair the leopard print with something else very simple like black, white, camel or khaki.
Keep the rest of the outfit classic.

Accessory is one way to add the leopard. This purse is quite a statement .... a little pricey perhaps but it does meet one of Nina's rules. Spend a little more money for your animal print but your trip to Bermuda will have to be cancelled.

Or you could find a purse like I did at my local Goodwill Store for five dollars. I get compliments every time I use this little number and the price was so right. I also wear a leopard scarf once in a while when an outfit needs a bump up.

Shoes might be an interesting place for a little splash of leopard. These colors look muted as according to the rules and the print looks smashing next to the Christian Louboutin signature red soles. Simple and hot but whoops, a wee bit pricey.

These are an interesting trend to keep an eye on ... men's slippers that have been redesigned for women to wear outside of the home. The headline on the picture say that this new comfy shoewear will look good with delicate clothes ???!!!

Notice the Jimmy Choo leopard slipper shoe. What do you think of this style?

Now of course, if you are only allowed to wear one piece of leopard at a time, this faux fur might just save the day. I actually like this little coat ... it's a fun fur. Once the leopard trend has moved on to another fashion graveyard, you could cut this little jacket up for fun pillows or just put it in the back of your closet to wait for leopard to return to the fashion scene. I may be in a home before that happens again so I've got to go for it this time around!

How about this little sweater set off with today's fashionable skinny red belt? Actually, I saw a cute leopard print sweater in a similar style at H&M for only $34.00.

Just a quick note ... have you noticed in the magazines that many of the models now have that gap between their front teeth like Lauren Hutton? They are going to dentists to have their teeth pared down so that they will have the "look." I had that gap when I was younger ... I used to stick straws in between my teeth and pretend I was a rhinoceros.

There is another option if you are reluctant to wear a little leopard. Decorate your home with animal print. There is not leopard here but there are his cousins, cheetah and zebra. This is a picture from the book, "Perfect Neutrals" by Stephanie Hoppen.
Not my taste.

So ... have you followed this season's trend with a spot of leopard or are you planning to add a little animal fun to your wardrobe or home?
Is your husband Tarzan and you want to be a little more Jane to jazz up your life?

Grrrrrr.... GO FOR IT.

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