Biking In Niagara On The Lake Part Two

Fall is now here but before all the leaves change and the weather is still mild, I decided to take a little break from painting and take a few more pictures of my town. Around September, the number of tourists start to dwindle and we "locals" start to get our town back. It's much quieter and we get a chance to get up close and personal with the parks along our Lake Ontario. We sit along the shore in Canada and look across the Niagara River and Lake Ontario to our US neighbors in New York State.
Close to where I live is one of my favorite little "compounds" in my town. It reminds me of some of the homes in New England. What is so unique about this home is that it has a cute guest cottage right next to it that has been used for a B&B in the past. What a lovely idea to be able to invite friends and family to visit and everyone has their own space.
The historical colors abound in this little town which can make a typical home extraordinary just by changing the paint color. Every 7 years, I love to change the color on the outside of my home .... it feels like I've moved into a new home.
I've always said that my next house, will have a front porch with several rocking chairs where I can rock, read and have a glass of wine. This is a cute little cottage that is tucked away on one of the back streets. Pretty isn't it?
What would you love to have in your next house?
This little home has always intrigued me. No painting necessary here and a very easily maintained front yard. I've seen pictures of the inside of this little house and it's quite special and cozy and filled with books. Two Scotty dogs live here that look like Salt and Pepper.
This is an historical home in which the owners added a second floor but it was kept in the style of the original home. I live in a historical home and typical of the age of the home, the rooms are small and the second floor ceilings are low.

Some of the older homes have ghosts or so they say. I have had guests say they have seen or heard a ghost in my home. When I first moved into my home, at night I felt someone sit at the bottom of my bed. I was very aware of that sensation and woke up each time. After a week, I never felt it again. If there is a ghost in my home, it must be a very friendly one because I have always felt very protected here.

This photo was taken earlier this summer on a very bright sunny day. I love how water picks up the color of the sky and makes the lake that is usually dark a bright blue.

Now, I am looking forward to hopping on my bike and revisiting my lovely little town decked in all it's Fall finery. The maple trees are just starting to change their colors. Can't wait.
Stay tuned for the Fall Review.

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